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Welcome to All-American SAMBO Federation (AASF) online resource center.
AASF is a non-profit coalition of clubs and associations working together to advance the interests of the Sport of SAMBO in America.


SAMBO - Our Sport

SAMBO - is a unique Russian Martial Art, that is getting its recognition throughout the world and becoming a truly international sport.
Today, the acronym SAMBO is known to everyone as self-defense without weapon. However, initially SAMBO was deciphered as self-protection and wrestling.

Our Fedeartion

Our coaches, volunteers and contributors are the driving force behind this federation. Along with world class athletes promoting SAMBO on various sport arenas, our Coaches working in their Clubs throughout the country contributing their time and expertise to teach students of all ages our unique system.



Traditions and philosophy of SAMBO

SAMBO is not only a sport for single combat, it is a system of upbringing that promotes the development of the moral and strong-willed qualities of a person.
SAMBO is the science of defense, not attack. Sambo not only teaches self-defense, but also gives a rich life experience, forming a solid masculine character, stamina and endurance, which are necessary in work and social activities.
SAMBO contributes to the development of self-discipline, forms an internal moral support and a strong personal position in achieving life goals...

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«Street Outreach Program»
The aim of the project is to connect youth to positive social services through participation in sport training and variouse sporting events.
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Great Lakes SAMBO Open

August 13-14, 2021

«Great Lakes SAMBO Festival»

Award ceremony

February 3, 2020

Award ceremony for athlets and coaches - prize-winners of 2019 program.

«SAMBO for Law Enforcement»
All-American SAMBO Federation proudly supports our Law Enforcement Agency and offers its professional skills and expertise in self-defense and weapon-control training to its Officers.
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